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Veteran wins Ottawa memorial for animals in war

90-year-old Lloyd Swick’s 3-year battle leads to unveiling at Confederation Park

Lloyd Swick is a great interview subject.

Ask him a question and he’ll answer as if he’s marching through a field — straight ahead, no detours, no veering, no conversational pauses or circling back.

He’ll have dates and proper names for you. He’ll have titles and facts that you just know will be accurate when you check them later.

What’s more, he’ll lay everything out in order, in rigid chronology, his mind as clear and unobstructed as a cloudless, summer day.

Lloyd Swick turned 90 this summer.

“That’s nice of you to say. Some people tell me I prattle on,” says Swick, when I compliment him on his memory. “But I do feel strongly about certain things, so you do tend to go on when you feel that way.”