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AIW Dedication


The Animals in War Dedication will be placed near the Boer War Monument in Confederation Park, Ottawa, Canada.

Canada won its first battle on foreign land and under British command. Canada supplied 50,000 horses and the mounted troops for the Boer war. Regiments that fought in the Boer war are perpetuated in today’s regiments, namely The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, and the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery.

Site plan for the Animals in War Dedication


The Animals in War Dedication is a series of highly detailed 2-inch, bas relief plaques depicting many species of animals in war, around the world. At the base of these plaques are descriptions of the images. These descriptions, produced in both official languages, will provide the viewer with interesting facts and figures about the various animals in war, their sacrifice, and above all, the unswerving dedication these animals gave to their human comrades.

Bas Relief Plaque #2

Video: Time Machine: Pigeons deliver mail safely.

Produced in Partnership with Navigator Communications and The Canadian Foundation for Animal-Assisted Support Services 

War memories haunt veteran. By: Don Butler

OTTAWA –Days before the war in Europe ended on May 8, 1945, Lloyd Swick was leading his platoon of Calgary Highlanders on patrol in the Netherlands when he spotted about 200 German troops striding along a railroad track. Read more…About Us

The Animals in War Dedication Committee is a small, tenacious, hard-working group of people from all walks of life. However diverse their backgrounds may be, their paths converge on a common goal: to help create a national dedication that will honour war animals of all species, who have given their lives and their loyalty, serving alongside their human comrades on the battlefield.